Best Beginner Drones for First-Timers in Canada [2021]

By Jack Park
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Before buying yourself a legitimate drone (like Mavic Mini), it is highly recommended to get a starter drone that you can crash and learn the controls. If you have never used a drone before and feel slightly dissuaded to try one out (fearing that you wouldn’t get the hang of it), check out our Top 5 beginner drones to help you kickstart your drone journey!

Our selection is chosen based on price, durability, and ease of use. The price of drones is all around and under the $50 CAD range and we carefully evaluated the design of the drone for its durability. We also excluded drones with Camera features (very buggy and poor performance in this price range) and no wing protection. Let’s check them out!

1. HolyStone HS210

Photo of Holystone HS210

  • Specification: 3.15 inch X 3.15 inch X 1.18 inch | 60g
  • Flight time per battery: 7 minutes
  • Price: $53 CAD

This particular model costs roughly $50 CAD and it offers other benefits aside from sheer affordability. Holy Stone’s HS210 mini drone comes with three detachable batteries that can last up to 21 minutes in total. The batteries are rechargeable and you’ll also receive a USB charger. This drone is pretty small and light. Despite its small size and toy-like design, this drone performs great for its cost.

HS210 supports three selectable speed levels and it’s decently fast. The main reason why this drone is so perfect for first-timers is that it’s incredibly easy to use with features like an emergency stop button and auto-hovering function. The package includes a neat little joystick outfitted with plain straight-forward controls (Just so you know, the two sticks are used for movement controls and navigation).

In addition, HS210 is made of sturdy ABS plastic materials that protect its wings. Personally, I started with this drone to practice before buying a bigger photography drone.

2. Eachine E65H

Photo of Eachine E65H

  • Specification: 6.2 inch X 6.2 inch X 1.5 inch | 75g
  • Flight time per battery: 6 – 7 minutes
  • Price: $50 CAD

Eachine E65H mini drone costs about $50 CAD (and it’s often on sale!). This model features altitude hold and One Key Take Off Button which makes it perfect for a beginner. The package comes with a remote controller, USB charge cable, four extra propellers, and two detachable 550 mA batteries with a flight time of 12-14 minutes total.

The great thing about E65H is the wing protectors with the dazzling LED lights which makes it great for flying outdoor at night as small drones are barely visible in the dark. On top of that, its relatively bigger size helps you better prepare for future use of larger drones.

3. Snaptain H823H

SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone

  • Specification: 2.83 inch X 2.83 inch X 0.98 inch | 97.2g
  • Flight time per battery: 6 – 7 minutes
  • Price: $50 CAD

4DRC V8 is priced at $43 CAD and it comes with three-speed levels, altitude hold mode and throw’n GO function which makes it easy to launch your drone. It also features about 21 minutes of flight time over 3 detachable batteries. The drone has LED lights which makes it easy to recognize where the drone is facing when flying and it is the smallest of all three which is ideal for those who like to mainly fly indoor. Furthermore, the 360-degree propeller guard gives you more than enough room to crash and make mistakes. The package comes with a remote controller, USB charger, four extra propellers, and a screwdriver.


Crashing an expensive drone may be very frustrating and it does happen often among new drone pilots. Therefore, it is really important for starters to go in with some basics of drone operation and we believe these drones can help you with it! If you want to learn more about flying drones in Canada or have an interest in getting a drone license, feel free to check our exam guide here. Please feel free to sign up for our newsletter to further receive emails about our new postings! Thanks for reading!

FPV Drone

250g or less

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Recommended Drones (250g or less)

Recommended Drones (250g or less)

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By Jack Park
As a drone enthusiast and a website owner, Jack thrives to help drone hobbyists with the best information on drones and to cover all questions about operating a drone in Canada.

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